Hello 2014

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Consider this Part 2 to yesterday's post

Hello 2014.

I recently came across a guiding quote in this fantastic book I'm reading:

Trying without doing is wishing rather than choosing. You either have a plan in place or you are choosing not to act. "This being the case, how shall I proceed?" is a Zen saying that shows the automatic, assertive progression from circumstance to action.
- David Richo in "How to be an Adult"

Oh, the promise of new beginnings, new opportunities, new versions of ourselves... There are some ways of being I've been learning this past year that I am planning to continue with this coming year, so I thought I'd share them. These ways of being form my plan - or at least the base of it. The rest is all details for now.

Be... kind to myself. It's okay to put myself first.

Be... loving. Both to myself, and to those dearest to me.

Be... unabashed about indulging in self-care. Rest, sleep, alone time, creative time, and nourishing food. No guilt.

Be... unafraid (and un-embarrassed) to indulge in anything that encourages self-love and good self-esteem. Cheesy pop music, reading tons of self-help, whatever works.

Be... accepting that I need to keep investing in my health right now. It may seem like a lot (of money spent and time off work), but going backwards is NOT an option. Sidenote: must not forget, when I have periods of improvement, how close to completely falling apart I was.

Be... open to (new and existing) people, don't close the door. Don't give up on building a community of friends who are family, no matter how impossible it might feel. Appreciate those people I love and who love me, even though so many are far away.

Be... mindful. Keep practicing awareness and cultivating the skills that allow me to be present rather than ruminating over the past or worrying about the future.

Be... forgiving. Of all the ways I haven't met my own expectations, of all the ways others haven't met them either. None of us are perfect.

Be... an adult. Know that forgiving isn't forgetting, and only I can make my own life what I want it to be.

Be... focused. Even though I feel stronger, it would be easy to get off track again. Stay on the track.

Be... thankful. For all the great people and things I am lucky to have in my life. For all the ways I've grown and become stronger this past year.

Be... happy. At least as happy as I can be on a given day. Make the most of life with all its realities and constraints. Don't dwell on what's lacking. Avoid adding suffering to my pain.

Be... on the lookout for as many things as possible that make my face look like this:


Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year! 2014, go easy on us.