• When we decided to try and extend our trip to Belgium, part of that included having time for a side trip so I could see a bit more of Europe. I agonized over where to go - flights are fairly cheap, and everything is so close together (and Bruno was fair game and let me have my pick)! In the end, I really wanted to go back to Berlin...


  • I started weeding through my trip photos from September a few days ago because there are some really wonderful ones I wanted to share. I ended up splitting the side trip to Berlin into a separate post because there were just far too many!


  • I've been thinking a lot again this past week about friends and community building. I think it's partly something that's been in the back of my mind for a while, and partly that my friend who I mentioned last time's memorial gave me a lot to think about.

    She really left us all with some strong and important messages about love and choices and embracing life - especially not letting the past or even present circumstances hold you back. She had also been one of the people who had encouraged me the most to keep writing and talking about friendship and its challenges.

  • So, I was thinking this morning... life is weird. Stupid small things seem so important when they're not, we fuck up on the most critical stuff all the time, we hurt each other, and love each other, and it's all so fragile and gone in the blink of an eye. 

  • Last weekend I went to (half of) a portrait drawing workshop led by Mandy Tsung at Hot Art Wet City gallery. Yay drawing! (I missed the first day because I was feeling crappy, but managed to get to the second day with a ton of support from Bruno, and I'm very glad that I did!)

  • There are so many posts I should write, I could write, but sometimes something just gets under my skin and I have to get it out. Regardless of who it may offend, though it's not meant to...


    I keep seeing more and more communities, events, online projects, hashtags, etc. that are targeted towards women and branded with infinite varieties of "moms" or "mommies" or "mamas".

    On one hand, I can understand that motherhood is a HUGE and identity changing shift in a woman's life. But I hope that the women who organize and participate in and promote these realize how in-your-face the exclusion of women without children it is.

  • I didn't post a 365 post yesterday. I made it 72 days in, a fifth of the way, and I'm taking a break - maybe permanently.

    I feel like the last month I've just been going through the motions. There's other things I want to do, and I feel like my guilt over wanting to quit this project - and let's face it, half-assing it lately - is weighing too heavily on me. I don't want to start feeling negative about art just when I started to get into the swing of things.

    Maybe I got too ambitious deciding to take this on, but I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I just don't want to force myself to do things that I should be enjoying but am not anymore, so I'm not going to. 

  • Happy long weekend y'all.


  • I think this is a purple hibiscus bush. It looks tropical, I don't know what it's doing in Vancouver!


    Today, I had the chance to meet up with a very old friend for coffee. It's funny how when you see someone you haven't seen in a really long time, who at one time in your life you were really tight with, it can be a tiny bit awkward initially... but you find yourself talking like no time has passed at all. They're almost like a stranger and almost like a good friend at the same time. You tell them things you wouldn't tell a stranger, because you believe that at the core, they're still that same person from way back when, who you trusted. They remind you a little bit of who you were before everything in your life got so complex, before you grew up.

  • I don't know what they are, but they're almost like little floral fireworks, I like em.


    Tell me things! Anyone have exciting weekend plans? Are you looking forward to fall? 


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