Love letters

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Goodness, I'm so behind on updates about crafty projects and health stuff that I hardly know where to start! But I'm going to get this one up because it's short and sweet!

In the last few years, the three kids I grew up next door to in Saskatoon (who I like to think of as my pseudo-siblings) have all had kids of their own (the 4th was born just around a month ago). Since I was actually going to be in Saskatoon at the same time as all of them for the first time in ages, I decided to work on a special project for all the kiddos. It was a surprise so I didn't post any of the photos till just now...

My handy dandy new rotary cutter was super helpful doing this project, gosh I don't know how I lived without one of these for as long as I did! I didn't really use a template, just roughed out on paper how big to make each letter, and then traced with fabric pencil first (and just writing this I'm realizing I think I forgot to dab off the last bits of pencil, oops!).


It may go without saying, but these are the letters that each kid's first name starts with - you would not believe how hard the A and B were - those inside seams all had to be handsewed while stuffing! I don't think I'll be making Bruno and me letters anytime soon! But I was really pleased with how they turned out. I basically brought all the cut letters to Saskatoon and sewed/stuffed/finished them there so that they wouldn't take up extra room in my suitcase.


For an extra little dash of love, each one has a little felt heart on the backside (which is made of black organic cotton flannel - the photos is a bit blown out). The fronts are all cotton, but the filling is polyfill in case they need to get tossed in the laundry at some point, as I'm sure they will.


The oldest of the four kids had a lot of fun saying the letters out loud when we got to visit over the holidays, which was super cute (she's soooo smart already!). I know they're too young to really appreciate them now, but I had a lot of fun making them and knowing that even though I might not see them much that a little bit of Ariane love is with them all year round. 

ps. In case anyone is wondering, I got all the front side fabrics at Spool of Thread. The L and N I'm pretty sure are Lizzy House (Outfoxed line), the B appears to be by Liz Scott (Sugar Pop line), and the A Alexander Henry (The Ghastlies line).