I'm no longer able to respond to emails or messages, and have turned off the contact form and comments on my blog on purpose, as I was not able to keep up with responding to strangers (and frankly received a lot of strange and inappropriate messages/comments). I know this may be disappointing, but please DO NOT contact me via other means (such as Textillia's contact page or Facebook DMs, and absolutely not by trying to contact me through Bruno).

I removed the contact information on my blog intentionally, because I do not have the physical capacity to manage communications with strangers anymore. I wish it went without saying, but PLEASE respect that, and respect that I am sick and have to set boundaries around what I use my time and energy on. Do not try to find a back-channel means of contacting me despite what I've said here - I will not respond to messages about my health or personal life from strangers, and cannot provide prodcuct reviews or medical advice.

Thank you for understanding.