Textillia: an online sewing community and pattern + fabric database!

Hi everyone! I've been super quiet on here lately and I've been meaning to tell you why:

A) I'm still sick as hell. I'm actually working on getting comfortable with the word disabled and the reality of the situation, since my doctors have essentially given up on me and told me this isn't getting better. Of course, I'm still going to continue advocating for myself and trying to get at least somewhat better, but I am also focusing more on how to have a fulfilling day to day life despite this reality, which brings me to...

B) Bruno and I built a website, it's called Textillia! We've been chipping away at it as time and energy allowed for over a year and finally launched it in mid-November - a super early Beta launch - lots yet to do but we wanted to let people start using it! For anyone who knits, the easy explanation is that it's a sewing site like Ravelry... Or maybe more accurately like what Ravelry was 8 years ago when it started out! Textillia is still a fresh-baked little website, but we have big plans for it!

Textillia homepage

Textillia is an online sewing community, and pattern and fabric database for all manner of textile enthusiasts: garment, accessory, and home decor sewists, quilters, and textile artists. You can read a bunch more about the project, why we started it, and what our plans are on the Textillia About page.

We already had over 1000 members register in our first three weeks (so cool!!!!), and we hope many will choose to remain members once we're out of our free Beta period. Our wish and goal is that this will become both an amazing resource for the sewing community, and sustainable business that we can both work at long term (providing me the flexibility I could not find anywhere else to try and go back to work part-time).

If you sew, please come register and check the site out! We already have a very active community full of supportive and talented sewists! And if you know anyone who sews, we would be so grateful for any support spreading the word about Textillia - thank you!!!