What what

Before we get started, here's some new LCD Soundsystem for your listening enjoyment...

Much of my thoughts go like an agile retrospective these days... project management is permeating my thinking patterns.


  • I made it to DrupalCon San Francisco, and despite being sick and going late, had a great time, and rested lots so I got better and not sicker while I was there.
  • Over the flu. After shaking the death cough, my lungs actually feeling better than they have in over a year and a half. My voice is back which makes me very happy, except my high singing range, but I'm sure that will return with a little more time.
  • Work is busy. I feel like I am being effective, and like my hard work over the last year and a half is paying off making things run smoothly, having everyone feel self-actualized, having happy clients, and getting to do the kind of work we enjoy.
  • I feel more appreciated and at peace in various aspects of my life than I have in a long time. (Ever?)
  • Eating lots of good food; I have gained back about 2.5 of the 8.5 pounds I lost since February. Might not seem like much but I was worried it would be even harder to gain anything back.
  • Got a crapload of blood tests done last weekend, and they all came back normal. I was getting lots of bruising, but I can safely assume now that it is just from being a bit malnutritioned, and that some steady Vit C intake will fix me up.
  • Also, I went back to the old walk-in clinic I used to go to before I started hunting for a GP...Holy I forgot how much better a couple of the docs there are. 
  • I've mostly been sleeping a lot better lately, and sleeping/waking earlier than is normal for me. It's felt very odd, but in a good way. I doubt it will last much longer, but it's been nice.
  • I have been feeling more relaxed in general. I like this. I'm pretty sure the people around me like it too.
  • I have more spoons lately.
  • I've been doing a better job at keeping a balance, taking care of myself, asking for help, not being mad at myself for not feeling well.
  • Oh, and my Drupal Voices podcast that was recorded at the conference was posted this week!


  • My stomach is still generally feeling awful, more awful than normal, as has been the case since last summer. (Luckily looks like I'm gonna get a referral to a new, hopefully more helpful, GI doc when walk-in doc is back from vacation.)
  • My apartment is getting more construction. It makes me crazy. I am househunting. I don't find moving fun.
  • My back and neck have been fucking killing me lately. Too much computer and sickness, not enough yoga and off-computer time.
  • I ate moldy soy yogurt today. No biggie, just gross.
  • I don't have much Drupal Docs mojo right now.
  • I really, really miss several beloved friends who are not here.
  • Not sure if this is really a "bad" but I'm not sure going to DrupalCon Copenhagen is really going to be the best thing for me right now.

Do differently next time

  • Get annual flu shot. It's just not worth getting the flu (I've had it 4 times in 3 years since moving downtown!)
  • Not stand for useless and/or rude doctors.
  • Not eat suspicious soy yogurt. (I have made this mistake more than once now.)
  • Do more yoga! Do more yoga! Do more yoga! When will I learn?